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Life-ANADRY at VII jornada de lodos UB

Life-ANADRY at VII jornada de lodos UB

The Environmental Biotechnology Group of the UB is organizing the Seventh Edition of the Seminar on Management and Treatment of sludge from EDAR (LODOS 2017), scheduled for November 22 of this year. The program is structured in four sessions that address various current issues in the sector. The first is dedicated to the recovery of waste resources, an issue that fully affects the concept of circular economy and has numerous areas of application in the operation and design of WWTPs. It contains four papers chosen from the many that have been presented and that show interest in this field. A second session, with three presentations, focuses on the possibilities of improving the anaerobic digestion process, which, despite the years of this technology, does not cease to introduce innovations aimed at increasing biogas production. It is followed by the third session that includes other novel treatments and ways of valuing the sludge, also with three contributions. The afternoon sessions are basically focused on the application of sludge in agriculture and complementary technologies. They are structured in two parts a and b, with a total of six papers. It is in this area where most proposals have been received and show that, not in vain, this is the majority destination of sludge, with about 80% of all uses. In any case, the program that the Technical Committee has drawn up on the basis of the numerous requests received, has tried to balance the different topics, which would be very extensive for a longer Conference. However, the limitation imposed by the duration of a single day has made the selection work arduous and in any case it is expected to fulfill the expectations as it has been happening throughout the previous editions. The organizing committee wishes that this Seminar will again serve as a framework for the meeting of the different professionals involved in this sector of wastewater treatment and also serves as a forum for the discussion of this topic as well as related ones, also of interest for the sector.

Life-ANADRY project will be presented by DAM at the event (link) (11:45 am)

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