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The installation of the prototype ANADRY in Alguazas WWTP, Murcia-Spain!

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The Life-ANADRY project has completed the action related to the installation the prototype in Alguazas WWTP located in Murcia, Spain. The prototype was tested previously in the laboratory prior to the implementation in order to verify the functions of the all elements. At this moment, the prototype is functioning under the optimum conditions for the anaerobic digestion (AD) process.

For its installation, the prototype was filled with the thermophilic inoculum, then it was be heated until it reached the target temperature (55ºC). The reactor is kept at that temperature during this period. After that, dewatered sludge is loaded in a semi-continuous mode until achieving a hydraulic retention time (HRT) of 20 days.

Implementation of LIFE-ANADRY project at the pre-industrial scale will be placed in a 20 m3 cylindrical reactor with a capacity of treating up to 3 tonnes/day. The system will be run under dry or high-solids conditions, with inflow sludge concentration ranging from 15-20% Total Solids (TS), and it will be operating at mesophilic and thermophilic temperatures. Moreover, the influence of the HRT on process performance will be studied in terms of sludge stabilization, pathogens elimination and biogas production.


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Construction and transport of the prototype ANADRY


The LIFE-ANADRY project has completed the action related to the construction and transport of the prototype to Alguazas WWTP (Murcia, Spain). At this moment, the start-up of the prototype is being carried out. The prototype consists of anaerobic reactor of 20 m3, agitation system composed of a rigid central axis with paddles, a membrane gasometer, gas analyzer online and a boiler for the use of generated biogas.  


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Life-ANADRY at the Final Technical Workshop of Life Integral Carbon

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The final technical workshop of Life Integral Carbon project was held on December 1st, 2016 at the University of Burgos where the consortium presented the results of the project. The general objective of Life Integral Carbon project is to enforce and demonstrate the activities of the capture of GHG produced in agroindustry, their fixation in autochthonous algal biomass and their agronomic application as sources of plant nutrients and C sink in soils.


Ceit-IK4 participated in the networking discussions at the roundtable of Life-funded projects where flyers about Life-ANADRY were distributed among the participants. Furthermore, Ceit-IK4 briefly presented the project and the audience were encouraged to visit this website and to follow up with the news and results of the project. [...]

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Visit Life-ANADRY at iWater 2016 in Barcelona!

From 15th to 17th November, Barcelona is hosting the Iwater show, a new international benchmark event a advanced technological, commercial and strategic value activities and presentations targeted at the different stakeholders involved in the complete water cycle. 

The conference is featuring over 80 national and international experts who will speak on the three major topics: resilience, governance and financing, generating ideas, practical improvements and a strategic vision of the sector to tackle these future challenges, bearing in mind both the regulatory framework and sustainability requirements. Important and recognized companies and brands in the industry, with a comprehensive view of the entire water cycle, will attend Iwater to present their latest innovations, trends and services relevants to the sector.

For more information: check the official website.

Ceit-IK4 is presenting Life-ANADRY project at this event




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