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LIFE-ANADRY: Final Technical Meeting and Monitoring Visit 2019

LIFE-ANADRY: Final Technical Meeting and Monitoring Visit 2019

Organised by the project coordinator Depuración Aguas del Mediterraneo S.L. (DAM), Life-ANADRY project consortium will hold their last technical meeting on 22nd January 2019 in Murcia. During the meeting the Project Officer and all partners will discuss the technical aspects of the project and the main results of the project and the planning for the final meeting which will take place in Murcia next month. The meeting will also include a visit to the LIFE-ANADRY prototype in Alguazas, Murcia.

During the meeting, partners will discuss the main results and the most relevant conclusions of the operation and monitoring of the prototype. They will also show the most relevant results about the dissemination and networking activities carried out during the project.

LIFE-ANADRY partners are collaborating to demonstrate the technical and economic feasibility of the correct environmental management of sludge in medium to small sized wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) in order to transfer the outcomes obtained to other areas with similar problems, at national and international levels.

During the development of the project, several technical actions have been conducted: design and construction of the prototype, start-up of the prototype and the study under thermophilic conditions. Now, the project is finalising the implementation of prototype under mesophilic conditions and conducting technical and economic feasibility studies and transferability actions to other WWTPs.

  16  Jan  2019 ,