The general director of Water visits  Alguazas WWTP and LIFE ANADRY project

The general director of Water visits Alguazas WWTP and LIFE ANADRY project

The works of the Alguazas water treatment plant have been completed and will provide 1,200 cubic hectometres of reclaimed water to the irrigators in the region which is an area of ​​1,521 hectares.

The general director of Water, Sebastián Delgado, accompanied by members of the municipal corporation of Alguazas, visited the facility and reported that "this volume of water is in an excellent quality, the plant, built in 2014 and with capacity to serve a population of 162,000 inhabitants, already has tertiary treatment. "

The actions in this purifying station, in which 200,000 euros have been invested, have allowed to increase its energy efficiency. The Ministry of Water, Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries will allocate 2 million euros until 2019 in actions in 20 municipalities "with the aim of saving energy costs in the operation of each plant, by installing photovoltaic energy."

In Alguazas WWTP, Life-Anadry project is developed as an alternative for the management and treatment of sludge  which is co-financed by the European Union within the Life program.

The technology is based on a pre-industrial scale design composed of a 20 cubic meter cylindrical reactor with capacity to treat up to three tons per day of sewage sludge. During the project, different temperature conditions (mesophilic and thermophilic) are studied and the performance in terms of stabilization, sanitation and biogas production is being currently determined. (link)


  13  Aug  2018 ,


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