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The Beginning of the Final Phases of Life-ANADRY Project

The Beginning of the Final Phases of Life-ANADRY Project

During the development of Life-ANADRY project, several technical actions have been conducted: design and construction of the prototype, start-up of the prototype and the study under thermophilic conditions. Now, the project begins its final phases (implementation of mesophilic conditions, technical and economic feasibility studies and transferbility) which are expected to end next year, February 2019.

So far, the results obtained under the thermophilic conditions (55°C) are promising. It has been proved that it is possible to treat dehydrated sludge with a percentage of approximately 15% of dry matter while obtaining a digestate completely sanitized in terms of E.coli and Salmonella. In addition, generating biogas, which can be usable as energy source, was achieved. However, it has been found that the main challenge when working on thermophilic conditions is the high concentration of ammonium (NH4) into the digester, which causes an increase in the concentration of free ammonia (NH3) due to the working conditions.

Currently, the prototype is operating in mesophilic conditions. During this period, the influence of the organic load on the yield of the process, in terms of biogas production, stabilization and hygienization of the obtained sludge will be studied.

LIFE-ANADRY project aims to reduce the environmental impacts by reducing CO2 emissions, increasing sludge stability, improving sludge quality and sanitation, and promoting its use as a safe fertilizer.



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