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DAM (Depuración de Aguas del Mediterráneo) participated at the International Fair for Efficient Water Management which took place on November 29-30th 2017 in Valencia, to present several research projects -including Life-ANADRY- to show the studies of Integral Management and Recovery of sewage sludge and waste water.
The presentation ceremony took place today, Thursday, November 30, in room 4F of the Feria Valencia Events Center. It was attended by the Chair Director, Alberto Bouzas and with the collaboration of Dr. Millán Millán Muñoz, Director Emeritus of the Center for Environmental Studies of the Mediterranean - CEAM, who offered a keynote on the Water Cycle in the Iberian Peninsula and Cuenca Western Mediterranean: Keys and Clues on the Current Situation.

At Efiaqua, DAM presented the conclusions of the PHORWater project and the results obtained in the Life-ANADRY project. Life-ANADRY is studying the technical feasibility of carrying out the dry anaerobic digestion process or high solids loading in medium and small wastewater treatment plants. The process allows the stabilization of sludge and the recovery of energy in WWTPs in which it was not possible until now.
According to the progress of the work, our project will offer an innovative solution that allows to obtain a stabilized product, sanitized and suitable for its application in agriculture. It also allows to obtain biogas that can be used as an energy source in the purification plant itself. For further information (link).

  30  Nov  2017 ,