A delegation from the Government of Tunisia visits the LIFE-ANADRY project at the Alguazas WWTP in Murcia

A delegation from the Government of Tunisia visits the LIFE-ANADRY project at the Alguazas WWTP in Murcia

On July 18, the Sanitation Entity of the Region of Murcia (ESAMUR) organised a visit with a delegation from the Government of Tunisia to different treatment plants in the region of Murcia in order to publicize treatment facilities, processes and projects currently undergoing in the Region.

The delegation was composed of 11 people who represent members of different areas of the cabinet of the government of Tunisia.


One of the projects which were visited was the LIFE-ANADRY project, which is being carried out at the Alguazas water treatment plant (Murcia) of which ESAMUR is a project partner.
During the visit, the members of the Tunisian delegation have shown interest in knowing the operation of the system and the general objectives of the project. ESAMUR explained the importance of this type of projects, which allow to increase the knowledge in new processes and to build increasingly efficient systems.
The LIFE ANADRY project develops a technology on a semi-industrial scale of dry anaerobic digestion, which allows to manage adequately the sludge produced in the medium or small size WWTPs.
Project Objectives

The main objective of the project is to maximize the production of biogas and obtain a sludge with a degree of stabilization and sanitation suitable for use in agriculture.
The project is led by the company Depuración de Aguas del Mediterráneo (DAM) and the Wastewater Treatment and Sanitation Authority of the Region of Murcia (ESAMUR), the Ceit-IK4 Technology Center, the company Ingeniería y Desarrollos Renovables (INDEREN) and Euro-Mediterranean information system on Know-how in the Water Sector (SEMIDE).

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