Visit Life-ANADRY at iWater 2016 in Barcelona!

Visit Life-ANADRY at iWater 2016 in Barcelona!

From 15th to 17th November, Barcelona is hosting the Iwater show, a new international benchmark event a advanced technological, commercial and strategic value activities and presentations targeted at the different stakeholders involved in the complete water cycle. 

The conference is featuring over 80 national and international experts who will speak on the three major topics: resilience, governance and financing, generating ideas, practical improvements and a strategic vision of the sector to tackle these future challenges, bearing in mind both the regulatory framework and sustainability requirements. Important and recognized companies and brands in the industry, with a comprehensive view of the entire water cycle, will attend Iwater to present their latest innovations, trends and services relevants to the sector.

For more information: check the official website.

Ceit-IK4 is presenting Life-ANADRY project at this event




  16  Nov  2016 ,


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