Life-ANADRY at AQUASEF Networking Event

Life-ANADRY at AQUASEF Networking Event

On May 18th 2016, the consortium of AQUASEF project "Eco-efficient Technologies Development for Environmental Improvement of Aquaculture" organized a networking event for LIFE+ projects working on the aquaculture and similar sectors at the General Secretariat Headquarters of Fisheries.

The meeting was joined by 20 participants who attended two sessions, the first session hosted round tables of the five partners of the consortium focusing on the progress of the project, the primary results and benefits of the implementation of the renewable energies, hydrogen technologies and fuel cells as well as the cultivation of micro-algae, and the most efficient oxygenation techniques in aquaculture.

The second session focused on disseminating other LIFE projects of interest or potential applicability in the aquaculture sector. Also, a networking section with representatives of other European projects relevant to the sector took place to exchange views and experiences on development projects financed by the LIFE + program or other European calls in the aquaculture and in other sectors.

Life-ANADRY was presented by Ceit-IK4 at the event where factsheets regarding the project were distributed!


  23  May  2016 ,


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