Demonstration site

The demonstration site of Life-ANADRY is Alguazas WWTP located in Murcia region, Spain. The Alguazas WWTP represents a typical medium to small sized urban WWTP: it treats a flow of ​ 3500 m3/d of wastewater and covers a population area of approximately 59,937 inhabitants (<100,000 p.e. or population equivalents) in the region of Murcia, and it mainly treats urban and industries wastewater.


  • The treatment of Alguazas WWTP consists of:
    • Pre-treatment
    • Biological treatment with two selectors
    • Biological activated sludge reactor with extended aeration.
  • The sludge treatment in Alguazas WWTP is composed of the following elements:
    • Gravity thickeners (2 Units).
    • Mechanical dehydration (3 centrifuges with a capacity of 30 m3/h).


The sewage sludge produced in Alguazas WWTP has an average dry matter (DM) content of 16% TS (Total Solids). During the implementation period it is expected to treat between 20 and 30% of the sewage sludge that was produced in Alguazas WWTP.




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